Capturing Carbon

Capturing Carbon

The Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project will put a new arrow in the quiver of carbon credits across the world. At present carbon credits are largely associated with either renewable energy projects or projects to conserve existing forests. The Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project differs fundamentally from all of these projects. Instead of preventing further emissions of carbon into the atmosphere, it captures carbon while healing ecosystems that have already been badly damaged.

Spekboom is a succulent tree that briskly fixes carbon from the air, storing it in its leaves, stems and roots. Some of this carbon is transferred into soils from fallen leaves and old roots. This stored carbon can be sold as carbon credits, which are bought by companies to offset their carbon emissions. Once established, spekboom thicket forms the base for a healthy diverse ecosystem.

The Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project has achieved the toughest verification standards possible – obtaining both Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Carbon, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) Gold status.

To learn more about carbon credits and carbon trading, please visit the AfriCarbon website.

If you are interested in purchasing carbon credits produced by the Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project, please contact us directly.

  • Small spekboom shoots
  • Kazuko Thicket Regrowth
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