The Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project will restore damaged ecosystems, benefit poor communities through job creation and capture carbon from the atmosphere. It will do so by restoring more than 5000 hectares of degraded land in the Kuzuko Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

This project is the flagship initiative of Spekboom Trading; a partnership between Inqo Investments and AfriCarbon. Inqo Investments specialises in addressing poverty and social needs and AfriCarbon facilitates investments in restoration of ecosystems through community participation.

The spekboom plant is the inspiration behind the company's name. This succulent tree briskly fixes carbon from the air, storing it in its leaves, stems and roots. Some of this carbon is transferred into soils from fallen leaves and old roots. This stored carbon can be sold for carbon credits, which are bought by companies to offset their carbon emissions. Once established, spekboom thicket forms the base for a healthy diverse ecosystem.

If you are interested in purchasing carbon credits produced by the Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project, please contact us directly.